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20 things that I know I have been in medical school for too long when:

1. Walking becomes more of a chore than a necessity.

2. I would rather clean than study.

3. Parents' cooking becomes something I desire, not avoid!

4. I schedule my day around sleep habits and those damn tuitions.

5. I go to sleep when it's light and get up when it's dark. For obvious reasons, I don’t deny it, I'll be burning the midnight oil every night!!!

6. I live for getting mail.

7. Looking out the window becomes fun, gives me a sense of freedom especially at exam time.

8. Childish pranks become funny again.

9. Rearranging my room is my favourite pastime if it gets me out of studying.

10. I am the master in wasting time.

11. Weekend, what?? weekend!!!!

12. I consider lectures to be a potent sedative (stronger than any drug I know).

13. Tuition means a time to socialize with my friends.

14. No matter how “cool” I was in school, no one here cares.

15. I ask myself everyday, why, why did I join this faculty??!!

16. Everything seems so simple, nothing really matters anymore.

17. I can know everything and still fail a test.

18. Most of my education is aquired outside of university.

19. I wonder if I will ever get my life back.

20. Lets hope that all the sacrifices we make in our lives now will eventually pay-off in the end!!!
5 Responses
  1. sy ske post ini.


    sume s2dent mdic rs kot bnda ni.

    esp yg nkal2 cm ak tyme skola dlu.


    pdn muka kene jd doc!


    tp kn.

    ble kte pk blek.

    kalo kte jd doc 1 day.

    evry words yg kte ckp, evry prescription yg kte bg, evry1 yg kte jumpe, stu ibadah utk kte.

    bsar 2 phla.

    so, trust me.

    it's worth it!

  2. dEe-Nie Says:


    rupe2nye dlu dye nakal ye..

    hehe. btul tu.. besar phle enn... insya Allah 1 day ok! promise to ourself to be a good doctor!

  3. aMiR LaLoQ : Says:

    ble la ek ak nk smpai ain-shams nih??ko x pnh bwk ak pown..teringin gak nk tgk suasana d sna.hehe

  4. aeisyulillah Says:

    i have a hunch that ur english is somehow, enhancing my friend..=)

    p/s: deactivate la word verication..takde de sape nak spam ko..

  5. dEe-Nie Says:

    to amir > ko en sibuk dgn 22 things kt blog ko... hahaha. nnt dtg la, tp x secantik gmbr tu pown.. haha. sbb tgh under construction..

    to wan > tq. ok, bru je deactivate.. shhh!! slme ni aku x tau lak de setting tok word vertification.. x pasan kot hehe.